Nursery, K4 and K5

3 to 5 years

The Early Years Education (Nursery, K4 and K5) promotes the effective development of the English and the Portuguese language in a fun way for children from 3 years of age.

They are also introduced gradually to the German language. Those are the first steps to launch worlds into the world.

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Curriculum with an international profile.
Classes follow an international model of education.
The contents are aligned to the Brazilian curriculum
and Bonja Early Years Education main themes of
each year.

Primary Program classes are offered full time, with flexible hours and full professional staff.

Focus on the English language. There are four hours a day of English classes and from the age of four, in K4, children also experience the German language.

Challenging classes. Activities and experiential learning take place in different environments, in the cinema, in the experimental kitchen, in the sports area, psychomotricity rooms and in the library there is a rich range of literature in Portuguese, English
and German.

Teachers constantly prepare different
experiences for the classes, such as literary circles,
artistic activities and investigation.

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Primary Programme

Campus International

84 Mafra Street - Saguaçu ZIP: 89221-665

Easy parking in our own lot

24 hour a day monitoring internally and externally with cameras both inside and outside the school.


Extra Activities

From Pre-School B onwards

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Indoor soccer, Artistic Gymnastics, Judo


Robotics (space maker)



08.00am 06.00pm

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