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For the world and forever

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Early Years Education

1 to 5 years Nursery, Pre-school A, Pre-school B, Kindergarten A, Kindergarten B
Educação Infantil  

Encouraging the child to reach their potential for the world and forever.

Learn, share and express yourself from early on. At Bonja, it’s like this. At Bonja, it’s like this.

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Elementary School

6 to 8 years From Tear 1 to Year 3

Sparking curiosity in learning, for the world and forever. This is the moment, here at Bonja, in which the fundamentals of knowledge and literacy are consolidated, the content of which is worked on in projects.

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Elementary/Middle School

9 to 14 years From Year 4 to 9

Building knowledge for the world and forever. In this phase, abilities and skills to consolidate knowledge are gradually increased in order to conclude Middle school.

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High School

15 to 17 years 1st, 2nd and 3rd years
Ensino Médio  

Teaching for the world and forever makes all the difference.
Bonja is recognized for its modernity and for the achievements of its students. A traditional school that prepares students for the world. That makes all the difference.

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Bonja International

From 3 years on Trilingual Education / Deutscher und Englischer Zweig
Bonja Internacional  

Each person is a world and our objective is to launch worlds into the world. Our students learn to experience a language, not just learn it.

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Our campuses

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High School and IB Diploma Programme

Saguaçu I

Early years and first grades 1st to 3rd of elementary school

Saguaçu III

Middle School (4th to 9th grade) and sports complex


Primary Programme e Bilingual Programme
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