Nursery, Pre-school A, Pre-school B, Kindergarten A, Kindergarten B

1 to 5 years

The first contact with the school world is very important. For this reason, hospitality and trust are part of our proposal. Christian spirituality is one of our values and it helps us to build meaningful relationships between students, the school and family. Learn, share and express yourself from an early age, encouraging the child to reach their potential for the world and forever. Bonja is like this.

Here at Bonja, playing and the different environments encourage your child to express him/herself through different arts: music, body language and mime, speech, visual arts and others.

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Planning and intelligent infrastructure. Everything is planned by the teaching team in accordance with the children’s age group. This way, your children will make the most of the special spaces especially designed for them.

Learning through play. Encouraging curiosity, questioning, research and fascination. Welcomed affectionately, the child will be happy in the school environment, develop confidence and a sense of belonging and receive appropriate sensory stimulus for full development of his/her abilities. Playing and interacting, the child will learn about him/herself, about others and about the world. The playground is suitable for the age group and allows identity and autonomy-related learning.

At Bonja, interaction with nature is part of the day to day of our children. Our trips into our green spaces awaken creativity, curiosity, imagination and the perception of the importance of experiencing and preserving nature.


From 1 year

Full development from the start as a baby: exploring, playing and socializing. With love and affection in a safe environment, babies that are 1 year of age by 31 March start in the Bonja Nursery to grow and develop.

Food that helps growth: Children receive two meals a day that have been prepared by Bonja’s own cooks and under the supervision of a nutritionist.

Pre-school A
e Pre-school B

2 and 3 years

Developing Potential: participating, exploring, playing and socializing. At Bonja, the environment is always stimulating, receptive and meaningful. Your children are greeted everyday by the teacher and the assistant and the classes are started with enthusiasm and happiness with games, toys and other resources.

Kindergarten A
and Kindergarten B

4 and 5 years

Developing potential for the world and forever: participating, exploring, playing and socializing. Kindergarten kids gain experience with numbers and letters in English and German, in special rooms, in order to encourage learning and interest in other cultures.

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Meaningful language teaching through play


It’s our trilingual proposal (English and German) in the full-time model (Primary Programme) or in the extended hours model (Bilingual Programme).

Experience in foreign languages is offered from Kindergarten A, with weekly classes in English and German in order to spur an interest in other cultures and maximize fluency in a new language.

Português Português

A place to be happy

Early Years Education

Campus Saguaçu I

200 Guaratuba Street - Saguaçu ZIP: 89221-660

Easy parking in our own car park

24-hour internal and external monitoring with cameras both inside and outside the school.


Extra Activities

From Pre-School B onwards

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Indoor soccer, Judo, Rythmic Gymnastics


Robotics (space maker)



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