From Year 4 to 9

9 to 14 years

In middle school, the competences that will prepare your child for high school are gradually strengthened. Our students develop logical thinking, creativity, intuition and a capacity for critical analysis of reality through a variety of proposals which relate scientific thinking with day-to-day life. This is building knowledge for the world and forever.

A higher workload makes it possible to opt for two foreign languages: one in the regular school and another in the bilingual programme, in the extended hours model.

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Enjoying learning for the world and forever. With personalized service and educational guidance, students discover which is the best way to study in order to learn to like studying.

Anglo Teaching System. From year 6 onwards, students use the Anglos system coursebook: high quality teaching material which contributes effectively to learning and school production.

Thinking critically and learning for the world and forever. Practical and theoretical activities, digital platforms and writing classes. On the way to High School, your children grow and develop critical thinking.

Continuously trained teachers. The teachers of this phase are very experienced. The majority are specialists or hold a master’s degree. During the school year, all teachers take part in training offered by Bonja, the Sinodal Network, Anglo System and Apple Education.

Alert to the new demands of innovative education, in a world interconnected on-line, Bonja offers a new educational model carried out in partnership with Apple Education. It’s called Bonja Connect. In 2019, three Year 7 groups took part in the project. In 2020, the model will be extended to include Year 8, pioneering in the south of the country the use of this tool as a teaching strategy.

IPads are used to make the learning process more dynamic and make the classes more interactive. All of the equipment is managed by the teacher during the class, allowing access to pedagogical apps, e-books and course books, research and notetaking in electronic notebooks, photography, the use and application of increased virtual reality, as well as filesharing with teachers and colleagues.

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We’re the only trilingual school in Joinville (Portuguese, English and German). At Bonja, it’s possible to learn two foreign languages: English and German. Our students opt for a language in regular school and can study the other in the Bilingual programme, at the extended hours model. The increased number of hours in the regular school and the after-hour classes allow the student to reach an excellent level of proficiency in two languages by the end of middle school.

Bonja International is our trilingual proposal. Find out about our German Bilingual Programme German Bilingual – for Years 5 and 6, and the English Bilingual Programme English Bilingual – Years 5 to 9.

Português Português

Central location

Elementary School

Campus Saguaçu III

84 Mafra Street - Saguaçu ZIP: 89221-665

Large car park so that families can drop off their children at school without any worries

All campuses of Bonja have 24-hour monitoring service, with internal and external monitoring by camera.


Extra activities

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Ballet, Theater and Drama, Guitar, Keyboard, Drums


Indoor soccer, Judo, Athletics, Basketball, Capoeira, Handball, Rythmic Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics, Volleyball


Robotics (space maker)


Year 4
Year 5
Year 6 5 classes a day
Year 7 5 classes a day
Years 8 and 9 6 classes a day

07.20am 11.45am

07.15am 11.45am

07.15am 11.45am

07.15am 11.45am

07.15am 12.30pm


01.30pm 05.30pm

01.30pm 06.00pm

01.30pm 06.00pm

01.20pm 05.50pm

01.20pm 06.35pm

    Clearing-up doubts session 11.45 to 12.30. Clearing-up doubts session 11.45 to 12.30 Clearing-up doubts session in the extra activities period.
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