From Tear 1 to Year 3

6 to 8 years

In this phase, students develop creativity and are challenged to look for solutions for day-to-day situations, widening their vision of the world. In classes organized by projects, this is the moment, here at Bonja, in which the foundations of knowledge and literacy are consolidated. The proposal is a new vision of the world and new ways of thinking. It’s awakening curiosity for learning, for the world and forever.

In the extra activities period, Bonja offers more than 20 artistic, sporting and technological extracurricular activities.

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Infrastructure: an environment which delights. The classrooms were built in accordance with the specifics of each age group and have bathrooms. The furniture was designed especially for children to carry out their activities in comfort, safety and autonomously. The green spaces around the school are home to plants, birds and wild animals. The environment delights children and awakens their curiosity.

Healthy eating in the canteen and in the restaurant. Bonja encourages healthy eating and makes it possible for families to receive the guidance of dieticians in the making of the daily snack. There is a canteen as an option and students that stay at school in the extended hours model can have lunch in the restaurant on the international school campus.

Teachers prepared for the present and for the future.
Our teachers have graduated in pedagogy and the majority of them have done a post-graduate course in his/her area. Every year, the whole teaching staff takes part in in-house training program. They are trained professionals, prepared for education in our times. The current literature teacher is an author of children’s literature.

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We are the only trilingual school in Joinville (Portuguese, English and German). In the regular school, from the first grade, the family can opt for one foreign language: English or German. There are three classes per week with the focus on orality. At this stage, perception and communication skills are widened. In the extended hours model, there is the option of studying another language, which greatens the possibility of learning the foreign language and the child is able to stay at school full-time.

Português Português

Central location

Elementary School

Campus Saguaçu I

200 Guaratuba Street - Saguaçu ZIP: 89221-660

Large car park so that families can drop off their children at school without any worries.

All of the campuses have a 24-hour monitoring service with internal and external cameras.


Extra activities

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Ballet, Flute, Keyboard, Guitar


Indoor soccer, Judo, Rythmic Gymnastics, Capoeira, Artistic Gymnastics, Basketball, Volleyball


Robotics (space maker), Robomind (Inventors)


1st, 2nd and 3rd grades

07.20am 11.45am


01.30pm 05.55pm

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