1st, 2nd and 3rd years

15 to 17 years

Bonja is recognized for its modernity and for the achievements of its students. It’s a traditional school that prepares for the world, it appreciates the best of each student and opens up paths for the future. This makes all the difference.

Bonja stands out in official evaluations by the State and our students reach high placings in the main selection processes of the country. In ENEM, in the last few years, Bonja came in first place in the state of Santa Catarina.

In the essay writing, we get the highest grades in the south of the country.

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The Anglo teaching system and digital platforms. The high school classes use the Anglo teaching system material which is always updated and prepares students for ENEM and for the most competitive university entrance exams. Besides this, the digital platform “Plurall”, which has personalized content, allows students to carry out exercises and deepen their studies. Your child can access the resources at home, on the cell phone or in our computer labs at school.

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Inspiring teachers. Our team of teachers, specialists in their areas, work with the Anglo digital teaching platforms, “Google for Education” and “Plurall”, tools that add to their abilities and help us to prepare our students for the world and forever. Your children can opt for English, German or Spanish. There are two focuses: the university entrance exams and the proficiency exams in partnership with the University of Cambridge (England), the Cervantes Institute (Spain) and the Central Department for Teaching of German Abroad (Germany). Teaching for the world and forever makes all the difference. About 50% of the students that have been at Bonja have had some kind of international experience during school or when finishing, in higher education.

1st and 2nd years of High School

15 and 16 years

Deepen knowledge to confront the challenges of the world, this is the proposal. Deepen knowledge to confront the challenges of the world, this is the proposal. Teachers and students work in constant synchrony and interaction. Through dialogue and mutual trust, we look for the ideal learning environment. More than just working the High School content, the first and second year students develop study autonomy and find ways, each one at his/her pace, to apply knowledge which leads to citizenship and to thinking. These abilities help to prepare the student to confront the challenges of university and the job market.

3rd year of High School

17 years

Who is Bonja is prepared for the world and forever The final year revises the content of High School and at the same time prepares the student for entering university. The focus is on ENEM and the main university entrance exams of the country. The methodology widens opportunities so that students are tested and know how to behave in the face of challenges in tests. Our students also have the opportunity to review content and clear up doubts in support classes in the extra activities period. Bonja also offers language classes in the extended hours mode, so that the student can conclude high school with a proficiency certificate in English, German or Spanish on his/her resume.

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International High School Bonja also offers the IB Diploma Programme which is developed together with the Brazilian curriculum. The students study subjects with international content in English for two years.

Get to know more about the IB programme, the certificates and the exchange programmes with universities around the world.

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Central location

High School and IB Diploma Programme

Campus Center

438 Princesa Isabel Street - Centro ZIP: 89201-270

Large car park so that families can drop off their children at school without any worries.

All of the campuses have a 24-hour monitoring service, with internal and external cameras.


High School Differencials

What makes the difference at Bonja High School

  • Teachers and students in synchrony and interacting.
  • IB Diploma. Experiences in Portuguese, English and in German or Spanish.
  • The focus is ENEM and the main university entrance exams of the country.
  • Revision of the content and doubt clarification sessions after class.
  • Weekly essay writing lab.
  • Methodology which teaches how to behave in the face of challenges in tests.
  • Preparation to face the challenges of university and the job market.
  • We use the Anglo Teaching System material and digital platforms


1st and 2nd years
3rd year

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