1st and 2nd years

15 to 17 years

International Baccalaureate, multicultural education that prepares the student for the world through
experiences and immersion in Portuguese, English, and German or Spanish.

In the IB, students attend courses with international content, taught in English. They develop a high degree of autonomy,
maturity and skills thanks to a challenging curriculum. The Programme allows them to continue their studies anywhere
in the world and to enter renowned universities abroad. They will be encouraged to think independently and to become
more culturally aware; high performers who open up excellent opportunities for themselves.

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professor ensinando aluna

Our inspiring teachers Bonja teachers are experienced and well trained. We have Brazilian and foreign teachers with the right qualifications, specialization and masters degrees.
They all participate in national events and international training sessions offered by the IB programme.

Opportunities for exchange. Bonja has partnerships with regular schools from
different countries – Canada, Australia, Germany,
United States, and Spain – which opens up
possibilities for different exchange programmes
formatted to meet the specific demands of the
students. We have experience in validating studies
abroad, both with our partner schools, and with
schools that meet the required criteria.

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Central location

High School and IB Diploma Programme

Campus Center

438 Princesa Isabel Street - Centro ZIP: 89201-270

Large car park so that families can drop off their children at school without any worries.

All of the campuses have a 24-hour monitoring service with internal and external cameras.


Differentials of the High School

What makes the difference at Bonja High School

  • Teachers and students in synchrony and interacting.
  • Experiences in Portuguese, in English and in German or Spanish.
  • Opportunities for exchange.


  • Reduced class sizes
  • Methodology which teaches how to behave in the face of challenges in tests.
  • Preparation to face the challenges of university and the job market.
  • Contact with methodologies that lead the student to an academic level.


1st and 2nd years

07.15am 12.45pm


02.20pm 06.50pm

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