For the world and forever

The history of the  Lutheran Educational Association BOM JESUS IELUSC began in 1866, with the creation of the German School (Deutsche Schule) in Joinville-SC. This is part of the history of the city, founded in 1851. However, Bom Jesus was officially founded in 1926. In 1960, it became the property of the Joinville Evangelical Community – CEJ/UP.

After many episodes, Bom JESUS IELUSC is a school nowadays whose name students affectionately chose: Bonja. The school is one of the largest educational institutions in Santa Catarina and is the largest Lutheran school linked to the Evangelist Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil.

Bonja’s educational proposal emphasizes educating in order to develop an autonomous, creative, ethical, critical and committed subject for the ever-changing society. Thus, Bonja turns out autonomous citizens who are able to follow confident new paths. Our concept exemplifies this proposal: “Bonja. For the world and forever. ”.

Theological Principles. As a Lutheran community school, Bonja is committed to life and Godś mission in the world. This is manifested in the relationships between people, peoples and the environment in the search for peace.
We strive to educate leaders committed to serving  society and a decent life for everyone.

Methodology. BONJA  aims for  education that promotes active learning and student participation in knowledge building. We consider that what is important is not only the various methodological strategies, but the teaching perspective for student learning. The methodology  promotes student protagonism, favoring the structuring and expansion of knowledge, the teacher’s main function will be mediation.

The goal is to develop in students skills and competencies that will support creativity in several areas and in solving personal and collective problems and situations throughout their lives.

Our Values

  • Tradition

    Using experience to deliver quality education, coherent with the market of today.

  • Experience christian spirituality

    Christian values

  • Ethics and Honesty

    Honesty and ethics in all public relationships

  • Sustainability

    Coherent and integrated set of sustainable practices

  • People

    are the base of business, for this reason value the essence of being at all levels and treat everyone affectionately.

  • Responsibility and social commitment

    Seek to carry out its social role and contribute to the growth of society.

  • Quality

    Concerned with the constant training of professionals and investment in excellent infrastructure in order to support the education process.

  • Innovation

    Adopting methods which are coherent with the needs of the market and always atent to the need to create products and services which meet demand.

New mission
is educate people for human and social development, using different languages, in a welcoming environment.

We are part of the Sinodal Educational Group

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The Sinodal Education Network is an association that brings together educational institutions linked to the IECLB. There are about 50 institutions on more than 80 campuses throughout Brazil. BOM JESUS IELUSC is part of the Sinodal Education Network for the purpose of accomplishing the Evangelical-Lutheran educational proposal aims, which consist of developing one's critical sense, creativity and integrity for the purpose of serving.

Silvio Iung

We have our way. Our students develop themselves in a welcoming environment  learning knowledge and values that prepare them for the world . This is a place for students to build the best version of themselves by exploring their skills, learning to make their own choices and, most importantly, making their dreams come true. For us, learning requires inspiration, synchrony and interaction. This is our Bonja way!

Silvio Iung Principal

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